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Adult Volunteers Registration

"Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world." - Eduardo Galiano

Thank you for your interest in donating your time to serve at the La Casita Foundation, you are always welcome to be part of our family.

In La Casita everyone can find their place and the opportunity to serve people who need, both materially and spiritually.

Our volunteers are characterized for being people who love life, who care about a better world, who are supportive, who give their hearts full of joy to alleviate shortcomings, wounds of loneliness and lack of hope. They are people who know how to embrace the soul.

Our group of volunteers feel they have received more than they have given, since a relationship of benefit and appreciation is established in both directions.




A volunteer is someone who ...


  • Give generously the best of yourself, serving others with joy. "They do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart. -Elizabeth Andrew.

  • Who commits responsibly and puts his time and talents in the execution of a project or assignment.

  • Who works in a group, encouraging good communication and a positive and pleasant work environment.

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