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Women Helping Women (WHW)

It is focused on the empowerment and transformation of women, through Initiative 1-2-3: Work, Human Formation and Family.

Our "Target" is the woman:

"Form women, you transform the world".

Our value proposition is The Initiative 1-2-3: 

This Initiative is the main foundation under which our integral formation program is governed. It is composed of three complementary and indispensable pillars, which seek as an end to exalt the dignity of women and their appreciation as a valuable, beloved and respected human being.


The Program takes two and a half hours, a time designed to capture the maximum concentration and assimilation capacity of the participants.

The workshops and courses are taught by Volunteers committed to generating change.


We are open during two sessions per year, four months each session.

The 1st Session begins in August and ends in December.

The 2nd Session begins in January and ends in May.

We deliver the Program three days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.